About Us

Our Story

Welcome to Inspired By My Girls.  

We are a happy band of 3 (mom and two amazing daughters) who have turned a passion for jewelry and design into a place where our friends, past and future, can find that perfect gift for that special person.

Sorelle Inspired 

Our inspiration is found on a much broader scale now.  Strong and capable women from all over the globe, from all walks of life, both young and old, are making themselves heard.

Voices of reason and compassion, joined by intelligence, will-power and a true sense of empowerment are now the true inspiration.     

Women are taking their rightful place as leaders, innovators, educators, and healers, all at the same time as being mothers, homemakers, friends and the voice of reason in this turbulent world.

We all should be "Inspired" by our girls and by everyone's girls, every single day.

Our Products

Our vision was, and is, to design and offer a range of products that have meaning, no matter if they are given as gifts or for personal use.

I have ways had a passion for jewelry which my two girls quickly picked up (along with fashion and cosmetics and volleyball and a whole host of other things).  

We only produce high-quality items that we ourselves are proud to give as gifts to those closest to us. Our jewelry pieces have been created to have a special meaning behind them, and can be given to a person who holds a special place in your heart and in your life.

Of course, gifts should be given beautifully packaged - even if they gift is for oneself!  So, we personally designed a range of box insert cards to accent the jewelry and, hopefully, touch the heart of the lucky recipient.  We hand package each order and include a lovely gift bag and a gift note card that you can (or we) can hand write.

We designed these to give to our family and friends.  They loved them, and we know you will too.

Our Service

Like you, we love to shop!  Shopping, either at the mall or online, is supposed to be simple, fun, enjoyable and completely free of hassles.

We've built this store with those factors in mind.

If you have a question, simply call us or email us - we are here to help.

Need help with a purchase or exchange or a refund?  No problem - we are here to help.

The level of service we strive to offer is the same level we expect when we shop - and we expect excellent service.

So, check out our items to see what we have for you or for that special person in your life.